106. Equality, equity, and leveling the playing field in Insurtech

Episode 107 · December 8th, 2021 · 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode

Nigel Walsh is joined by a fantastic panel of guests to take a deep dive into the gender disparities in the world of insurance. We’re going to be talking to our wonderful panel about what their experiences have been like, what the challenges and opportunities are in this landscape, why inclusivity and diversity is incredibly important, of course, and how we can build a better future!

Joining us today are:

  • Shân Millie, Founder of Bright Blue Hare, GreenKite & EDII
  • Megan Bingham-Walker, Co-founder & CEO at Anansi Technology Ltd
  • Charlotte Gregory, Senior Associate at Capital Law Ltd
  • Gem Passant, Head of Customer Experience at Bought By Many / ManyPets

All that and much more on this week's episode of Insurtech Insider!

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This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Irina Andronic and edited by Alex Woodhouse.